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代表取締役 宮﨑由太

It is a continuity of innovation for long-established store

CEOYuuta Miyazaki

Since its establishment in 1846, Miyazakihonten has been producing products sure of "Quality First" in Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-city. As a long-established store in Yokkaichi, we have preserved cultural climate, techniques of sake brewing and taste. At the same time, innovation to match the new era is also necessary.
In June 2018, new kura (building for brewery) was completed. There are more of small amount preparation than previous large amount preparation. Because of this change, it has become possible to challenge for the new taste, even still preserving our traditional flavor. Miyazakihonten will continue to pursue without being satisfied with current state yet maintain the high quality of all the products. We will provide products to match the new era.

ISO / Action Plan

ISO9001 International quality standards

We have adopted ISO9001 method in order to maintain and improve our reliable quality.
August 13th, 1999
August 13th, 2017 Transited to ISO9001:2015.

Action Plan

We have developed action plan below so that our employees can balance work and parenthood, and all employees can fully exercise their individual capabilities.

Period of Action Plan

2 years: March 11th, 2021 to March 10th, 2023


[Objectives] During the action plan period, acquisition rate of Childcare Leave becomes level shown below or higher.
◇Male employees: one or more employees acquire during the action plan period


・From March 2021: In order to inform that males can also acquire Childcare Leave, proceed trainings targeted for those who are in managerial position.
・From March 2021: Hold lecture courses targeted for those who are willing to acquire Childcare Leave.


972 Minamigomitsuka, Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-city, Mie 510-0104
About 40 minutes by car from 'Yokkaichi I.C. (Interchange of 'Higashimeihan Expressway')
About 9 minutes on foot from Kusu Station of Kintetsu Nagoya Line