Sake Miyanoyuki

Glamorous aroma and
rice original rich flavor

Its name comes from 'miya (shrine)' after Ise Shrine sacred in Mie and our shop name, and 'yuki (snow)' covering the Suzuka mountains. Specialty Sake using Jyunmai Kobo (yeast) and homemade koji (malt), and fermented slowly and carefully.
It is a characteristic that your mouth will be filled with full-bodied aroma and rich sweetness and delicate sourness as soon as you take a sip. Good drinking feeling is smooth and refreshing, rich flavor of rice is brought out. You can enjoy clean flavor that you will not get bord of drinking.

Miyanoyuki Jyunmai Daiginjoshu

Miyanoyuki Jyunmai Daiginjo

Splendid Ginjoko (ginjo fragrance) is its feature, rich flavor of 100% Yamada-Nishiki.

Spicy flavor like clove and Nutmeg, and favorable splendid fragrance like melon and peach spread, and will be covered with fresh aroma like bamboo leaves. Elegant and thick sweetness but also precise sourness spread in the mouth. It is a deep flavor, which you can feel the well-balanced depth.

Miyanoyuki Daiginjo

Gorgeous and sweet, like young green bamboo Flavor having fresh scent.

Fragrance of juicy ripe yellow apple and peach that sweetness stands out. Also reminded of muscat grapes and fragrant olives. Furthermore, covered with the fresh aroma such as young green bamboo and green tea leaves, that gives very gorgeous impression. Creamy taste, refined sweetness and fresh sourness, and also flavor you feel slight bitterness.

宮の雪 大吟醸
Miyanoyuki Jyunmaiginjo

Miyanoyuki Jyunmaiginjo

Splendid like pears Light and smooth flavor

Slight scent of pineapple and pear, plus fragrance of refined rice flour and white flowers. Also, will be covered with comforts, and reminded of scent of fresh green leaves. Refined sweetness and sourness are well-balanced. Slight bitterness spreads as aftertaste gives you dry refresh feeling. You can enjoy overall very gentle and fruity flavor.

Miyanoyuki Jyunmaiginjo Aiyama

You can feel rich sweetness of rice; Aiyama. Spacious depth and gentle flavor.

Aiyama is called "Phantom rice for sake", "Diamond of rice for sake". It is raised only in a small part of Hyogo-prefecture, so it is difficult to obtain, and so it is one of the most expensive rice for sake. There are customers who buy this sake because it is made from Aiyama. It is rice for sake favored by sake lovers. You can enjoy well-balanced refined umami and fruity scent.

Miyanoyuki JyunmaiginjoAiyama
Miyanoyuki Yamahai jikomi (preparation using yamahai yeast mash) Special Jyunmaishu

Miyanoyuki Yamahai jikomi (preparation using yamahai yeast mash) Special Jyunmaishu

Moderate sourness and voluminous Umami and rich flavor.

Will be covered with complicated aroma like sour cream, mushroom, cacao and raw coffee beans are mixed. Rich sweetness and sourness is well-balanced. You can enjoy umami spreads as aftertaste, and change of flavor depends on temperature.

Miyanoyuki Jyunmaishu

Light and mild Flavor you can feel the umami of nature

It has a soft impression like peach, leaf bud and freshly pounded mochi (rice cake). It is sake you can enjoy change of scent depends on temperature. Nice sweetness and sourness are soft and spread in the mouth, and it is such a gentle sensation. You can enjoy flavor that eases tiredness of mind.

Miyanoyuki Jyunmaishu
Gokujo Miyanoyuki

Gokujo Miyanoyuki

Refreshing Light taste and gentle flavor.

Its scent gives you the impression of refreshing fresh green, and also rice cooked by Donabe (earthen pot). Slight mineral, modest sweetness and nice sourness spread together in the mouth. You can enjoy refreshing flavor.

Kikkomiya Shochu
Kinmiya Shochu

Kikkomiya Shochu Kinmiya Shochu

Authentic shochu

Authentic shochu Whisky