Authentic shochu

Nurtured by grace of Kusu
Authentic shochu and Whisky

Inquiring mind for taste and fragrance of Miyazakihonten is certainly also invested in shochu and whisky.
Subsoil water of Suzuka mountains is used as brewing water, same as Miyanoyuki. Deep-flavored and smooth to drink authentic barley shochu and whisky.

Authentic barley shochu

Authentic barley shochu "Kuromiya"

Authentic barley shochu you can feel slight sweetness of barley.

By blending and ion exchanging the Genshu (unrefined shochu) distillated at reduced pressure and the one distillated at atmospheric pressure, developed deep-flavored and smooth to drink authentic barley shochu. You can enjoy its deliciousness by shochu with water, with hot water as well as with soda.

Authentic barley shochu "Kusu"

Aroma and color of barrel take a breath, matured umami

Matured color, scent and mild taste. Exquisite authentic shochu. It goes down smoothly, and you can enjoy refreshing good drinking feeling, and fresh slight drunken feeling. Barley shochu with depth which you can feel the umami as you drink. You can enjoy umami of shochu itself by drinking on-the-rock, shochu with water and so on.

Authentic barley shochu Kusu
Authentic rice shochu Tokinokokuin

Authentic rice shochu "Tokinokokuin"

Crisp and light gentle drinking feeling.

Oak barrel 3-year stored sake. Goes down gently, also ripened mild flavor and delicate, and refreshing taste that is umami of rice stands out. You can enjoy by drinking on-the-rock, shochu with water, or with hot water.

Sun Peace Whisky Extra Gold

Showa retro style whisky of Japanese sake brewery

By increasing usage rate of malt and by using grain spirits, it has become high quality whisky. You can enjoy mixed with water, also of course whisky and soda. It is a product that whisky fans can be satisfied.

Sun Peace Whisky Extra Gold


Sake Miyanoyuki

Kikkomiya Shochu
Kinmiya Shochu

Kikkomiya Shochu Kinmiya Shochu