Sake Brewing of
Miyazaki Honten

1846 years its establishment.
Passing on the history of Sake brewing today.

Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-city lies in the northern area of Mie-prefecture.
Miyazaki Honten is located in this area that is suitable for Sake brewing benefitting from clean subsoil water of Suzuka mountains.
There used to be over 30 kura (sake breweries) in the town, but now we took on them all, so our brewery has become as large as 26446㎡.
Storage and stock room, bulit in the early years of Showa-era 1926 to 1989. They are wrapped up in slightly sweet scent, and tells the history of sake brewing.

Sake brewing process

Sake Brewing of
Miyazaki Honten

Mild and high-quality water and polished rice.
In the history of 170 years, attitude of makers
that change of time is deing demanded.

Spirit of Kurabito, chief brewer


Passing down the techniques
and new challenges.

Sake brewing of Miyazaki Honten is continuous process of trials and errors in a good meaning. Subsoil water of Suzuka mountains is used for "Miyanoyuki", and ingredients mixed with this water is all natural, so it is not always stable. Each time, adjust the time of soaking the rice, and condition of koji(malt) in order to always make the best sake.
New kura(brewery) is equipped with new facility. By digitalizing techniques and tastes developed within the long history in high accuracy, it now can be utilized in passing down the techniques and sake brewing. There are more small preparations, and they allowed sake brewing with more time and effors and with much more care than ever.
It is certain to keep the traditional taste, but also producing new taste by understanding customers' needs through close cummunication between cheif brewer and sales representatives so that our customers can enjoy our products at any situation from daily use to a special occasion.

Record of awards received


"KAN SAKE AWARD 2021" received Grand Gold Prize/ Gold Prize
"Miyanoyuki Jyunmaishu" and "Miyanoyuki Yamahaijikomi Tokubetsu-Jyunmaishu" received Grand Gold Prize, and "Gokujo Miyanoyuki" received Gold Prize at one and only award to choose Japanese Sake great for drinking warm; "KAN SAKE AWARD 2021".


KURA Master 2021
Received platinum award of Jyunmai Daiginjo Sake Category
Sake contest held in France since 2017, "Miyanoyuki Jyunmai Daiginjo" and "Miyanoyuki Jyunmai Ginjo Aiyama" received Platinum Award.

2020 April

Monde Selection 2020 Gold Award
Other Awards
“Miyanoyuki Jyunmai Ginjo” received ‘Highest Gold Award & International-High Quality-Trophy’, “Authentic barley shochu Kusu” received ‘Highest Gold Award & International-High Quality-Trophy’, “Authentic rice shochu Tokinokokuin” received Highest Gold Award, and “Miyanoyuki Daiginjo” received Gold Award.

2020 February

"The Fine Sake Awards Japan 2020"
Grand Gold Medal
"Miyanoyuki Jyunmaiginjo" received Grand Gold Prize of Premium Jyunmai Category, and "Miyanoyuki Yamahaijikomi Tokubetsu-Jyunmaishu" received Gold Prize of Main Category.

2019 July

International Wine Challenge (IWC)
2019 received "Trophy"
Our product "Miyanoyuki Yamahaijikomi Tokubetsu-Jyunmaishu" received "Best Trophy" of SAKE-Jyunmaishu Category at International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2019.

2019 July

"Brewing year of 2018, Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai" Gold Prize
Our product "Miyanoyuki Daiginjo" received Gold Prize at 2018 Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai (National New Sake Appraising and Evaluation Fair of National Research Institute of Brewing).


International Wine Challenge (IWC)
2018 received "Trophy"
Our product "Miyanoyuki Daiginjo" received "Best Trophy" of SAKE-Daiginjoshu Category at International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2018.